What did people say about these products

“Herbalsoothing bath soaps are my lifesaver. Pure natural, organic, simple and magical soaps!”
J. Lee
Feel so relaxing, soothing and refreshing……..
Debby Burns Bingham
Every winter, my son’s skin become raw and dry.  I tried everything from cream prescribed by the doctor and even off the counter medication.  The whole experience was frustrating for me as a Mom because nothing works!  One day, I brought a jar of homemade lavender cream from Herbal Soothing.  Instant true miracle, a Godsend blessing for my son is no longer suffering during the winter.  Thank you, Patricia Ward Costello!
Tammy Gwynn
I have been using the old fashioned cold cream: Geranium for my cracked heels which helped heal my skin. I love this product and bought it a few times. Also I had been using the old fashioned cold cream: Lavender for my winter dry hands and it helped my hands become soft. I love Patricia Ward Costello’s homemade herbal smoothing products. Her products are magnificent. I encourage you to buy her products and I guarantee, no regrets.
Christine O’Reilly
I love, love, love Herbal Soothing products, especially angel soaps and lemon/wild orange mist sprays.  I have been using them among many other wonderful products since the very beginning and I’m eternally grateful.  All products are 100% natural using only essential oils and made from scratch with a lot of love and kindness.  They are gentle for people with sensitive skin like me and easy to use.  I wholeheartedly recommended buying any one of the Herbal Soothing products by Patricia Ward Costello.  You will not be disappointed!  They are perfect for people who are social conscious about Mother Earth, serious about taking good care of themselves and all the while, support Deaf woman owned buisness.  Do check out her latest selections elsewhere on this website!
Beth Lucey
Herbal Soothing Products are wonderful!   I am very particular about my soap.   It is one of the ways I pamper myself.  Your goat soap with lavender is the best.   It’s very creamy with a nice amount of lather and does not leave my skin feeling dry. I typically have very dry, gardener’s hands.  Your soothing lotion is perfect to apply before bed.   It’s very gentle and does not irritate my chapped hands.  The lavender sent is also very calming. Thank you! Toni Ammirati
Toni Ammirati
The creams (Lavender/Geranium) have helped with the redness and dryness that I experience due to several auto immune diseases. They haven’t made me break out and help me during flare ups.  
Megan Schultz
I have been using Herbal Soothing products for the past three years.  With Calm Balm, I had no cracked skin on my hands during the last cold wintery season!  This year I also bought Lavender Balm and body spritz to use for bedtime.  I have enjoyed receiving the orders from Patricia.  She wraps each product and place them in a pretty bag with a thank you note.  It is like getting a gift.  Thanks to YOU, Patricia!
Cheryl Johnston
After my yoga self-practice I use Patricia’s Lavender eyes bag: quick warm up in the microwave only for 11 second and just to lay and relax for 10 minutes. It had brought me to deep relaxation! The lavender smell is not strong, it feels natural. I love to talk with Patricia for ideas to support my self-care time! I got foot cream for my mother for as a gift, she mentioned she loved it she made it a nightly ritual by leaving the cream next to her bed. Until one day our dog Xena found it she ate them all, she also loved it! We were glad to know it was pet-safe (Patricia was quick to answer our question). So we now know both humans and animals had loved Patricia’s products! As a yoga teacher, I felt worried about using cleaning chemicals for the mats. I did not feel right to ask my students for help to clean their mats after relaxation and yoga practice, I had asked Patricia for an advice and I had discovered Lemongrass Cleaner. We spray on thin cloth and wipe the mats, they smell great and the mats are clean in a nature’s way. The small bottle goes a long way too!
Sara Dugas
Old Fashion Cold Cream: Lavender
“I can’t live without cold creams!!!!”
Anne Marie Smith