Questions & Answers

Q: Are all herbal products safe for children/pets? Yes

Q: How long may I use Lavender and Geranium cold creams take to help soothe eczema and skin problems?  Both creams depend on the individual, but you may use them from 3-5 days up to 2 weeks to comfort your skin.

Q: Is Lemon essential oil a natural bleach?  Yes, of course.  It is natural, better than ‘chemical’ chlorine bleach.  Tip: You can mix water and 2-3 drops “Lemon” in a spray bottle

Q: What are the ingredients in the Lavender eye pillow?  It contains only rice, lavender buds, and lavender essential oil.

Q: Is Body Spritz only for the body?  No: in addition to using in on your body after a shower, you can spray it on your pillow, in your vehicle–everywhere.

Q: Do your products have an expiration date? Our products are good for two years from date of purchase.

Q. Do essential oils cure everything?  No, I could spend a lifetime exploring essential oils for cosmetic, medicinal and practical uses.  But some health issues seem not to respond to using essential oils.  I recommend seeing a holistic or primary care doctor to help cure these issues.  I make homemade herbal products to help with soothing and comforting for individuals.