“Herbal Soothing”: I decided on the name because my products include essential oils, homemade chemical-free ingredients, and are all natural.  They help soothe and make the body feel nice.  Created with Nature’s plants for people and animals to feel well, comfortable and recharged.

I had struggled with eczema since I was little.  My doctors gave me several cream medications, including steroids. Every time I tried one of them, I would scratch my entire body till it was raw and bleeding.  Then I read several books and I decided to use organic products (without chemicals) from nature stores and farm stores.  I realized that they helped me a lot.

I keep healthy by eating green plants, and using olive oil soaps and chemical free products.  My intuition tells me to make homemade herbal products including essential oils.  I have noticed that my skin condition has been improving greatly, without the itching I had before.  Finally I truly am feeling more comfortable in my skin, looking better every day, and even sleeping much better.  These are real blessings which I cannot fully express in words.

Essential oils are natural oils that are found in plants.  They contain the healing power of the plant from which they are extracted.  All esential oils posses antiseptic properties; they also have antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties.  Essential oils come from various parts of plants: leaves, berries, grasses, flowering tops, petals, roots, zest of fruit, resins and wood.

My goal with my “Herbal Soothing” products is to help customers to feel well, comfortable and recharged.

Thank you very much greatly appreciated to “Web Designer” Jay Scotton.

Patricia Ward Costello